Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Navratri | Jai Mata Di

Navratri is a major Hindu festival, celebrated with religious zeal and enthusiasm of Hindus in different parts of the country. It is celebrated twice a year in March-April (Chaitra Navratri) and Oct-Nov. As the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri is celebrated as Ram Navami, the festival celebrated in Sept-Oct celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. Although a number of legends associated with the perception of Navratri like all Hindu festivals, is the divinity of the goddess Shakti and her various forms of worship in both cases.

A legend in northern India goes Mahishasura, the mighty demon worship Lord Shiva and received the power of eternity. Soon he began to kill innocent people and harassing, and went on to win all three lokas. Swargaloka of appeal to Shiva, to find a way to get rid of the demon. To protect the world the atrocities of Mahishasura, the Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva joined forces and created a divine warrior woman known as the goddess Durga. Mahishasura, when he saw the divine beauty of Goddess Durga, was mesmerized.

And was fascinated by the beauty goddess Durga Mahishasura he approached her for marriage. The goddess agreed to marry him, but a condition of fire - Mahishasura would win in a fight over it. Mahishasura, proud that he was accepted immediately! The battle continues for nine nights and at the end of the ninth night, the goddess Durga beheaded Mahishasura. The nine nights came to be known as Navratri, while the tenth day was called Vijayadashmi, the tenth day that brought the triumph of good over evil.

Durga Maa Ist Navratra :
                                           Durga Maa, the Supreme Goddess, is a symbol of Pure Love, Courage (Shakti), Light within and Bliss ,The Sanskrit word Durga means fort or a place that is protected and thus difficult to reach.